So I have gone and gotten myself addicted to a TV show. I am not afraid to say I love watching The West Wing. With my DVR (Digital Video Recorder), that I am paying an extra $10 buck a month for to rent the box through my cable company, I can record three different series since Bravo is showing them at an insane frequency. They play it 4 times a day. There are only 6 seasons with 22 shows each... They are going to run through them like nobodies business. But I don't mind, because I need to catch up.

Anyway... I just watch the couple of shows when Chloe gets kidnapped and the president steps down... pretty impressive television. Plus I like the fact that it makes me think about political issues, which is something I have never really cared that much about.

I think I should run for some small office here in Norfolk, I think I could do a really good job at it.... plus my wife would be a good advisor considering she is a political science major.