Spring 1997

By Beebe4

Looks like I found something on Heidi: (I think this is an article she wrote??)
Tracking the Red Fox
(you have to scroll down to the 2nd article)


Alumni 1980's

By Beebe4

Finding all sorts of interesting stuff today. Found a Camp Greenville update page that apparently my sister has been involved with: Alumni 1980's


An interesting story about the Florida Prepaid program from November 16, 2002
featuring my father in law, John Tureman



By Beebe4

Found this crazy picture of Sherry today.

It is from her old job, and although she is looking rather strange... she is the best looking
woman in the picture!


General Update

By Beebe4

Work is wonderful. The benefits are great and the stock is going through the roof (most likely due to me joining the company).

The house is coming along nicely. Sherry painted the inside of the closets yesterday on her day off (she has every Monday off), and we painted the remaining vanity area last weekend. Hopefully I will be inspired to finish up the second coat tonight, and we can say phase one of the house projects are done. There isn't really a phase that we have come up with, but to me we will be completing all of the work that we had said we wanted to get done before we start the secondary projects, like the den and the kitchen.

I think Sherry and I are going to take a trip to Europe for our 2 year anniversary, so we have been looking into flights to either Paris or Italy somewhere. She has never been to Europe so I am quite excited about that trip.


I thought that I recognized those animated pictures of the Mars Rover. Turns out that not all of AMA's work is crap.... the produced the images that you may have seen on the news of the Mars Rover animations. Kinda cool.

Parachute MPG (5.5 Megs)


We got some snow last night, but not enough to stop me from going to work. So I must go, but first I wanted to post some pictures of our house in the first snow of 2004 (plus some others from Christmas).


Scarlet Fever

By Beebe4

Sherry has been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. Don't worry, it is not that big of a deal these days, but we are still taking it easy, and I slept in the other room the other night just to be safe... but after 48 hours of antibiotics most of the rash has gone away. The funny thing is, the red bumps are the only symptom that she had. She never had a fever and she never had a sore throat. The bumps just showed up after we did about 8 hours of yard work on Saturday.

Regina's friend Randy is getting into town tonight so Sherry and I are going over there tonight until around 11 just in case Jake wakes up while she is picking her up from the airport.

Not much work has been done around the house and I am starting a diet. I am using a pretty cool website to track my eating habits and physical activity. I have set up the workout bench that Sherry got me for Christmas and have actually been using it.

Work is going good. Much, much better then that old piece of crap that I use to work at :)

So in general, life is very good.


Sad News

By Beebe4

Pearl's best friend Charlotte was related to this boy... very sad :-(
Suffolk boy found drowned in lake



By Beebe4

Mom and Don had a great time up here. It was good to see them. We didn't really get much work down around the house but we had fun just hanging out and showing them our new home, both the house and the area. We had dinner on Saturday and had Pearl, Shelley, Mike, Shawn and Regina over. It was a good time for everyone to catch up and see each other again. We then played Trivial Pursuit and the boys lost to the girls (thanks to Shawn). But I got entirely to upset about Shawn giving hints to the girls and provided some tension for everyone that wasn't quite as competative as me (which was basically everyone but Don).