Happy Halloween

By Beebe4

Had fun watching the kids tonight. We sat on the porch and handed out candy... it was a wonderful temperature and the kids were pretty cute. We stopped by Shawn and Reginia's afterwards and hung out with some other couples for about an hour before calling it a night.

It was a great weekend with Sarah and Heidi. We had a blast... will not provide details, but lets just say that Ben ended up worshiping the porcelain goddess again. I am such a lightweight these days.... but I am not really complaining. I think they want to move to Norfolk now.


Pearl update

By Beebe4

Most of you ask me this and I should have been doing this more regularly, but to be honest her treatment of chemo and radiation was such a non-event it was a good thing. We did recently find out that her intestines dropped and received some burning from the radiation as a result. This could cause her some problems, but it might also fix itself. Truth be told, we are just in waiting mode right now... her body is healing from the radiation... not something that anyone's body enjoys going through, but her blood counts and other typical indicators to how well ones body is coping are all positive. She had to have two shots of Procrit (actually another similar drug) to ensure that all her levels were kosher.

She goes into surgery on November 4th, so take 15 - 30 seconds and concentrate on willing her to have "travel mercies" as she passes the mid-way point on her voyage to health. And feel free to amplify your thoughts with a prayer if you are lucky enough to be a believer.

To answer the second most asked question, Sherry is doing alright with it as well. Some days are sadder then others, and it breaks my heart to see her sad. But more days then not, she is the strong woman that her mother raised. It is pretty humbling when your wife has more emotional control then you do, as exampled at our wedding.

Pearl will be occupying the guest bed across the hall from us as she recovers and once the doc gives us the thumbs up we will plan the next few months of our life from there.



By Beebe4

So my mom was here last weekend (well one day I should say) and Sarah and Heidi are coming this weekend. Lee is coming for her home inspection the 6th, and Pearl moves in on the 12th (not sure exact date yet).

Sounds busy... but I like people (most of the time) so it makes me happy that my home is coming in so handy :)


Ok, I know that the above title might be a little funny to you, but I can help make Hampton Roads more of a business town... Shawn and I are on a two man mission (with Regina taking on the culinary places, Sherry and Shelley handling the educational development of the area, and Mike showing us all how little we actually know about home ownership ;) )

Check out with Mike Brookbank (sits around the corner from me) has to say about Symantec's involvement in the technology growth in the area.


Y'all best recognize... SYMC in the house! Ring it loud Johnny boy.


Life of Pi

By Beebe4

So I just finished it this morning. Quite a wonderful book. Pretty thought provoking I must say, and that is about all I will say, because I am one that is over sensitive to revealing too much about things that are going to be mentally consumed. I think that even the slightest comment give the mind a hint as to whats to come, or prepares it to be prepared for a surprise, twist, exrememe sadness, takes away from the artist's intent. But by sticking to my rules I am not able to express much more about this book, and I am dying to do so.
I will add this one bit of encouragment, the first section (there are 3) is slow, plow through it, the ROI (return on investment) is worth it.


Long time, no post

By Beebe4

Been in San Francisco for a while now, and don't have internet at home, plus just been really busy with work out there, so to my wife (the only one that checks it 6 times a day, I apologies for not providing you with some good stories, and interesting links)

Here is one that just caused a co-worker of mine to gag. I am not sure if it is a farce or not, but it made me laugh, hard.

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it

Picking your nose and eating it is one of the best ways to stay healthy, according to a top Austrian doctor.

Innsbruck-based lung specialist Prof Dr Friedrich Bischinger said people who pick their noses with their fingers were healthy, happier and probably better in tune with their bodies.

He says society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking and encourage children to take it up.

Dr Bischinger said: "With the finger you can get to places you just can't reach with a handkerchief, keeping your nose far cleaner.

"And eating the dry remains of what you pull out is a great way of strengthening the body's immune system.

"Medically it makes great sense and is a perfectly natural thing to do. In terms of the immune system the nose is a filter in which a great deal of bacteria are collected, and when this mixture arrives in the intestines it works just like a medicine.

"Modern medicine is constantly trying to do the same thing through far more complicated methods, people who pick their nose and eat it get a natural boost to their immune system for free."

He pointed out that children happily pick their noses, yet by the time they have become adults they have stopped under pressure from a society that has branded it disgusting and anti social.

He said: "I would recommend a new approach where children are encouraged to pick their nose. It is a completely natural response and medically a good idea as well."

And he pointed out that if anyone was really worried about what their neighbour was thinking, they could still enjoy picking their nose in private if they still wanted to get the benefits it offered.


Here is an interesting development in the late night drinking department... Busch is going to make a beer that competes with the likes of Red-bull and Vodka... they are calling it B-to-the-E ...or as it will say on the can "Be"



By Beebe4

I pulled a fast one over on Sherry this week. I hired Kent (of the previous renovation work) and his assistant, Brian, to work crazy hours to get it done, and I also hired a granite guy (Robert) to do the countertops. She was pretty suprised. We have been in San Francisco all week and then went to the Georgia Tech / Miami "game" this weekend. Picture from that are also posted on flickr.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:
<--Before After-->
(click on image for larger view)
before after
before after
before after
before after

There are additional pictures on flickr if you click around.

It is also interesting to check out the images of when I graphically planned this out a few months ago.


Go Jackets!

By Beebe4

Had a great time at the game this weekend... click on the image below to see more pictures of the game and tailgating.

The fire and ice contraption is a must get for anyone who does tailgating... very cool indeed! Well done, Anne.