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I am going to Symantec on Tuesday to talk to them about a job. They are very well respected in the computer industry and it would be pretty cool to work there.



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Check out this picture... looks like it is animated, but it isn't.


New Pictures

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I uploaded some picture of work in progress. Enjoy



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I do know about the rest of ya'll but it is really windy here... I mean serious gust, almost knocked me over when I went outside just now.



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All the tack strip and staples and carpet and padding is up! Got blisters to prove it.


From the Onion: what happens when Mom finds out about the Blog

Follow-up: Here are some hints to help those needing it to prevent your Mom busting your blog.


More Tack Strip

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All of the carpet is out of the house! Just have one room left of tack strip and staples, then I will be done with that stuff for a LONG time.

I had yesterday off and spent the majority of the day on tack strip in the upper left bedroom. Franklin and Christina came over and help since they had the day off also... their reward was some yummy BBQ from a place up the street, but unfortunately Christina doesn't like BBQ so she had a Cheesburger and some hush puppies. Supposedly there is a place in Williamsburg that is the best BBQ around that we were suppose to go to after work on Friday but I think Sherry is getting that overwhelmed feeling again so we will most likely stay home and work.

Franklin helped me install our new dishwasher after we had finished cleaning up the upper left bedroom. It runs nicely, and I hooked up the washer and dryer last night after they left, so we are fully functional now, and making good progress.

On the work front I was suppose to hear from Bank of America today (still the same job I was interviewing for a month ago) and I would most likely take it if they offer it. Shorter drive, better pay, but contract position and constantly having to prove myself to get the full time gig, which I am up for.

Going to read a chapter in A Time to Kill by Grisham (purchased at Garage sale for 25 cents) ... this is actually his first novel and said to be the most auto biographical though not on purpose.


We are the proud owners of a new Home Depot Credit Card!!! Yeah!!! Oh wait, that means more credit... boooo. But we got 10% off and have no interest / payments for a year... but that just means that we have to pay it off before 12 months or we get slammed with a 21% interest rate... but no worries we have it all planned out.

We saved up and purchased a lot of stuff at once to maximize our 10% discount which amounted to $114. We bought a dishwasher (white), a lawn mower (black), vent covers, new deadbolts and lockable knobs, the two aforementioned rugs, a faucet for the half bath and one for the master bath, and other small items.

We have already replaced all the deadbolts and door knobs for that added sense of security, and Sherry put the vent covers in place. Things are coming along but we don't think things will be prime time until the floors get done and the then everything can start to find a home in our new home :)

I have the day off and plan on getting the rest of the carpet (upstairs) taken care up. Franklin (Sherry's cousin) might come over and help me since he is off this week.


Sherry woke up this morning and thought that she wasn't going to be able to move. But after three Aleves we were good to go. So we went to pick up some stuff we had not gotten from Pearl's yet. She was, of course, cleaning. She had the refrigerator out and was cleaning behind it, since she said cat hair had gotten back there. I took noticed that her driver side rear tire was low so I went and filled it up and got some gas for her lawn mower.

We then went and picked up our full size box spring and mattress from "The Dump", which is a house warming gift from Nanny and Papaw Bragg (Pearl's parents).

We then came home and unloaded the mattresses. I started loading up stuff to take to the hurricane debris site down the road and got ride of the carpet we had pulled out and all other trash that we had been waiting to get ride of. I then came back and loaded up another trailer full of more trash from Sherry unloading kitchen stuff and filled up the other half of the trailer with yard debris, and went and dropped that off. While I was doing all of this, Sherry had been (like I mentioned) unloading the kitchen, and making our house a home and much more functional to do the every day things like eating!!!

Sherry is now making some spaghetti and I am blogging away. I will take more pictures soon, and have some so far, but wanted to wait until things were a little better before posting them.

Time to eat!


Yard work

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Today, Sherry, Pearl and I did 3 years worth of yard work in one day, all in the back yard. I cannot say think you enough to Pearl for her help, it meant more then I can say in words. Mitch, his wife and kids, also came over to do a helpful bit of raking during the morning session. The yard looks about twice as big, and the bushes are almost manageable. Courtney, Jennifer, and Mandy got here around 5 pm to start the painting and help us finish up the last part of the yard work, which meant hauling the bags to the street for pick up and unloading the bigger stuff out the road for hurricane debris pickup which is still going on.

After that the girls painted the dining room while I went and got the trailer from Mike Hunter (Shelley's boyfriend). By the time I had returned home, the pizza was there and the dining room was painted. They went to see Shawn and Regina's house (1 mile away) which is all done (they moved in on Friday) and looks really good. They came home and then did some touch up painting and we called it a night... well I did, Sherry went up and painted the stair walls. Very tired... going to bed.


New feature

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I added the ability to sign up to this blog, so that means you will get an email once a day with a summary of the days postings (if any).


This is a funny little story that happened around here recently, seems that some idiot in the Motor Pool learned the hard way that he didn't pay enough attention in spelling class. The police were driving around for quite some time before the realized that they had misspelled Virginia.


Sherry's Job

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I realize that I had a span there where I didn't update the blog for a while and missed some thing, like Sherry's new job. She took a part time job with Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, William and Mary wanted her also, but the drive would have been horrific from here or we would of had to live somewhere between Hampton and Williamsburg, and the point of moving here was to be closer to family. So we thought this was the best move.

So far she likes it, although the man that hired her and the one that promised she would get to full time status shortly recently quit (kind of quickly) so things are a little wishy washy right now. But she still likes the small school atmosphere and enjoys the people she works with (most of them).


More pictures

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I put up a rough downstairs floorplan that I made, and some more pictures from work for your viewing pleasure.


Caulk and coffee

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Tonight is going to be our first night to spend the night in the new house. I am taking a break from caulking the ceiling and chair rail before we paint it. Sitting here having some hazelnut flavored coffee and updating my blog, that is what we call a dork's break.

We are having a painting / work party this weekend. Jennifer, Courtney (the furthest right in this picture), Shelley (in the middle in the last picture) and Mandy (Courtney's older sister) are all coming over to help. Mitch (and family), and Gary might come help too, they are too friends from work.

Speaking of work, I have still been in talks with Bank of America about going to work with them. They said things have been on hold since they interviewed me and are now looking to fill two positions quickly. Gary started at AMA after I did and submitted his letter of resignation on Monday after only one month of working there. The company just has it's head too far up it's a$$ to realize who screwed up they are. Gary will be the 5th or so person to quit from this team in around 6 months time... yet they still are not getting the picture that things are messed up and keep saying that it is "people problems" and that people are lazy and should be happy to have a job. We will see...

Greg's birthday is on the 10th.

Ok... need to get back to caulking.


Lee and Andy

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Just got an email from Lee (Spuhler) Berner, seems that her and Andy might be getting stationed in Norfolk in around 15 months! Nothing is final but it would be great to have them around. He would be stationed on the USS Kearsarge for a non-flying tour... which I think means that he basically gets to sit on the boat and drink a lot, but not to sure, will get back to you on that one.


I went to the local GT club the other night to see about meeting some local Tech grads... this picture is featured on their website... guess I am a stud:)

More pictures can be found here


Update from Jason

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My friend Jason just sent me an email so I thought I would tell the world (or the 4 people that read this) what is up with him. Here is a picture of him and his new "puppy" Nershi, and no... that ring is not a wedding ring, just looks like one.

He is still in Montana, living in a log cabin and working his way up the wilderness ladder. Having fun, but refers to the dating pool as a dating puddle due to population density issues. He has 25 acres at his back door and loves his dog, well he doesn't love his dog, he just really likes him.

He misses Sherry and I, and we miss him.


Pictures are up!!!

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I have posted some pictures of the house on! Check them out. So the reoccurring comment that people seem to be making about our house is that it is "deceptively large." It doesn't seem that it could be 2541 square feet when you first drive up to it... but two additions in the rear of the house adds a lot of footage.

I have finished almost all of the tack strip in the master bedroom except for two closets and I hope to tackle it all tomorrow after work. Blisters have popped and I am entering the realm of true manhood if I can get these "computer hands" past this first stage of toughing up.

I want to spend the night here so bad but don't want to jinx the house by sleeping here without my lovely wife, who (rightfully so) doesn't want to leave our cat with Pearl.

So off I go, back to Chesapeake for hopefully the last night.


The bottom half (below the chair rail) has been completed and the top part has been rolled, but the details still need to be flushed out. I have a second favorite tool of the day.... the Shur-Line trim edger... it saved me about 3 hours of work already. I am pretty sure that tools will be the desired christmas / birthday / easter / st patrick's day presents.

I have taken lots of pictures and will get them up soon now that I have my computer set up.

Going home and going to sleep well tonight.


Welcome to happy home ownership!!! My back hurts, and I have the constant sweat thing going on. I woke up at 6:15 this morning and started packing and then drove over to the new house to meet the cable guy... so we know have high speed Internet again... plus music (digital cable) to motivate us while we work.

Once I got to the house, I pulled all the carpet out of the garage (that we have pulled up, since we want the hardwood floors that are underneath them). We are moving tomorrow, with the help of Shawn and Franklin (Sherry's cousin) and Mike (Shelley's boyfriend's trailer)... but the house is not really livable in right now so we are shooting to make it so in one week, and have everything else completed by Thanksgiving.

Nest I met my next neighbor who is super nice, and has already let me borrow two of his tools... one of which I used to clean up the trees and bushes that were rubbing our house. He informed me that it had been rented be two other families for the last 3 years (read: neglect) and he is a good friend with the previous owner. Most of the people in our neighborhood are in the Navy.

After I clipped the trees I started taking up the tack strips which SUCKS... especially since I didn't have the right tool... but when I went to help Shawn put on his toilet flange and place it in the right place, and help lift the HEAVIEST air conditioning window units down three flights of stairs, I was lent my best friend of the day... the "wonder bar"!

So I then came home and primed some more ceilings with Kilz 2 and continued to pry up tack strips and pulling up staples used to secure the old carpet. Then at 6:30 pm we stated painting and that is where we are right now. Top half of living room has been painted and going to go do the bottom half now.

We are going to sand and refinish our hard wood floors... we found a reasonable priced guy and he did Shawn's floors, and was also the guy that lent me the wonder bar (after I told him I wanted to hire him)... he is going to do it the week before thanksgiving.

That's all for now... time to paint... did I mention that I have not showered today... YUMMMY!!!