10 years

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So being the dork / stud that I am... I have been asked to put up a website for our class reunion... and without further ado, I present the Stanton College Preparatory School's Class of 1994 Reunion page.


Looks like there will be an expedition to find Noah's Ark atop Mount Ararat this summer.


Here is an interesting concept... buy a disposable camera, put some instructions on it... and give it to a stranger. Then hope they use the prepaid postage to send it back to you and post them on the internet... Check out Randompixel



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So Google, who I love, has just "asked" me (it was on blogger.com when I logged in) to beta test their new email system. So far it is pretty cool. But if each of you could send me a short note I would like to test some stuff out... They give you way more space and organize stuff very interestingly (like they always do). Click on the Contact Me link to the right to send me an email.



1 yard of compost - 23 dollars...
2 rolls of garden fabric - 36 dollars...
3 yards of mulch - 81 dollars...
Hard working family that helps your yard step it up in the neighborhood... priceless

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mark, Joseph, and Pearl for all of their help and hard, hard work on Saturday (I still wish Joseph had told me he had two baseball games he could be playing instead... I would have insisted that he not come). I would also like to thank Taylor and Caitlin for their help on Sunday. So without further ado, here are some Before - After photos in my Yahoo photos section (click here if you have troubles with this link, and click on the Before - After album).
I could go on and on about the hard work, but I am pleased with the results and will simple let the pictures do the talking. Sorry if I sound conceited... well not really. Come by and see it sometime, we have two beds and would love some visitors.


Here is a press release for a sister product to the one I am working on. The Lotus Domino Security solution is one of three products all grouped under Symantec Mail Security, the other two being my team the SMTP team, and an integrated product for Microsoft Exchange. These three products don't get much press, since sales are usually taken care of by direct visits to corporations, versus a commercial purchase at Office Max.


Pretty interesting little site... if I were looking for a best friend.


I didn't know that you could retire a hurricane name... so basically it is like a reward for the badest hurricanes around, kinda like have your jersey hanging in the Garden. Isabel may be removed from rotating hurricane name list.


Check this out... the Bellagio has lost power now for two days, and they can't fix the problem. Talk about losing some money! I bet they are having a hissy fit over this one. Wish it had happened to us... we could have gotten a free room am I sure!


Check out my friend Darren at the Alamo Dome for Tech's run to the NCAA championship (he is the E, and yes that is a light saber in his hand!)

And no, I wasn't jealous of him for going without me!!!

Here is the image for your viewing ease:


This is Scott...

By Beebe4

I used to work with him:

He is getting married soon and I just wanted to say best wishes.


So we have secured tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's "O" instead of Mystere, and since we are staying in the hotel where it shows, we got special seating... 2nd ROW (section 104, row B)!!! A little more then I wanted to spend, but how often will I get to see this show on the 2nd Row... not often.

We also secured some outfield seats (section 104, row 23) to the May 31st game between the Arizona Diamondback's and the San Francisco Giants! If you couldn't tell, we are a little excited about this trip.

We have also decided that we would like to check out the Heard Museum, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West Museum, while we are in Pheonix / Scottsdale. Any other suggestions would be appreciated... just click on "Add a Comment" below.



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Sherry and I have just dropped the Ciz-ash on a little trizip we like to call our 2 year anniversary. We have opted to stay state side versus crossing the big pond. Sherry has wanted to check out the midwest so we are going to the desert. Here is our itenerary:

We are heading out Saturday, May 29th to Phoenix (Sky Harbor Intl.) touching down at 10:29 am. We will then rent a car, and head to our fancy hotel, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, where we will unpack, take in some sights, and then go to a "dive-in" movie (movies that you can watch while you are in the pool).

We are going to stay 3 nights in Phoenix / Scottsdale and then head out on June 1st to the Grand Canyon. We are only going to do the drive-by tour, but it should still be a wonderful thing to see. We have alotted two hours or so there since after driving there we have to head over to LAS VEGAS, BABY!!! Sherry and I have decided to continue the pimpin and stay at The Bellagio, since last time I was in vegas I was most impressed with it. We also plan on checking out the Cirque du Soleil production, Mystere, while in town.

After 3 nights in Vegas we are heading home to return to a life of working for the Man.

But needless to say, we are very excited about our little trip. Tony and Jo might also be going to Vegas at the same time so it would be cool to have some friends there to hang with.



By Beebe4

Thanks for a great season Tech. Last night was rough... but getting there was an amazing experience, and next year you won't be so shell shocked by the whole experience. Keep up the summer practices and next year will be a very nice thing indeed.

Check out my friend Anne's tale of being born a Tech fan... pretty humorous, cause it's true.


Well I have met my new year resolution.... to loss 30 pounds. I weighed 204 this weekend for the first time in about a decade. I can SQUEEZE into a size 36 pair of pants (been wearing size 40 for the last 8 years), but a 38 fits comfortably. The only reason that I know I can fit into a 36 is because Sherry's "Papa" (pronounced Papaw) gave me around 15 suits this weekend. Everyone was quite impressed with my fashion show when I tried them on. Although my voice was a little higher then normal, I was able to zip everything up and didn't rip any of them. Hopefully in a few weeks they will start to fit a little better.


"Georgia Tech fan George Burdell of Atlanta, cheers for his team before their semifinal game in the NCAA Final Four against Oklahoma State, Saturday, April 3, 2004, in San Antonio."

- from Yahoo!


Georgia Tech to the finals!!!!!!!!! Go Jackets!