My good friend Ryan McGraw has asked me to be in his wedding next March. I am very excited about it, and it doesn't hurt that the wedding is in Mexico (where Sherry and I got engaged). He is marrying a beautiful girl named Anne (who sometimes checks in with some comments on this site). You can check out some details and pictures on their wedding website (nice job on the flash, Anne) hosted on wedding window.

And since I am not just in the wedding but the best man, I get the honor of taking him to see boobies.


Aligator Point

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Going to Florida tomorrow, and very excited. 3 days at the beach hanging with the family... and two days off from work... can't complain about that.


Baby Olivia

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Here are some photos of Olivia the newest member of the Mccammon family.

Baby doll Mom and Baby Sister and Baby


Funny shiznit

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So my friend at work just showed me a site that translates any page into a eubonics readable site (it's called gizoogle):

Here is what my site would look like if I were cooler.


My friend from college, EN (short for Edwin Noah, but said as you would Ian), works for GE, setting up some big plants or something or other. Anywho, he was recently transfered to a city near Rome and sent out the email below.

A little backgroud, Ewa is his polish wife and they have been living in Italy for about 2 years now.

I've been assigned to Civitavecchia, on the coast, near Rome, for the next two weeks.

So I drove through Rome today, around it really on the GRA (The Rome Ring). Traffic was normal, but the attitude in Italy is hardly such. On Saturday night when the Pope died, we had just finished dinner and were walking through the old town to a bar and people were milling around outside of the church. I was with the English teachers and when I asked the barmaid if the Pope had just passed, she said "Si, dieci minuti fa." ~Ten minutes ago~. They were holding a mass/vigil for the Pope when he passed. EVERY tv channel showed nothing but footage from St. Peter's, Pope montages and related news.

On Sunday, the only thing on was Mass from St. Peter's Square. They suspended the soccer matches for the weekend. Rome added something like 40 trains a day funneling into the city. I could not get a reservation where I wanted and am therefore staying on the coast away from the city for work this week. MTV has been showing nothing but inspirational-type videos for the last two days, streaming text messages across the bottom.

I had immediately texted Ewa when I heard the Pope was dead. She heard the announcement in between songs, inserted insignificantly it seems, between country hits on the Armed Forces Network radio station in Frankfurt. Poland, according to Ewa's sister Hania, has shutdown. The mourning period has commenced and will remain until the funeral. Hania and her boyfriend, Sebastian, are considering coming here for the weekend.

Ewa is flying back from Frankfurt on Wednesday, into Rome. My sister Becky is traveling to Rome on Thursday to stay with us in Civitavecchia and she and Ewa are going to go to the funeral on Friday. I, of course, am working, but they will be in my thoughts. Even my atheist self was in tears watching the coverage on Saturday night. Truly the biggest scene to hit Rome in 27 years is happening in the next few days. It's a very interesting time to be here.




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More Georgia Tech and Norfolk news:
Norfolk is number 34 on the list of unwired (WiFi) cities
and surprisingly (and sadly)
GT is number 100 on the list of unwired colleges.


Just wanted to say happy birthday to my younger sister Amanda Jane! Can you feel the virtual love?

I hope you get your choice of cheese for your birthday. (the present is in the mail)


Only at Tech

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Apparently, someone wrote a program that notifies you when your laundry is done...

Check it out