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Sherry had a work evaluation today and the boss guessed (correctly) that Sherry's personality type was INTJ... so that got me thinking, I couldn't remember what I was, but remember thinking that when I had taken the test back in High School (#1 in the country by the way) that the Myers Briggs psychology test results were very insightful. So I took a quicky test (takes about 3 minutes) and it pegged me as ISTP (which upon seeing the letters together I remembered was correct).

I put some value in knowing what type of personality you have and knowing the personality types of those around you. It is especially useful in stressful situations, like starting a new job or moving or getting married or house projects. So I think everyone should take the test and post some comments to let me know what you guys are. Be interested to find out.

The thing I stumbled on was a chart that maps all these different personality types*. The Enneagram typing had some additional insight for my type (7w8). If you drill down into the Enneagram types you can get to a compatibility matrix to gain some insight on relationships in your life.

*I had to use a google cached page since the site had exceeded it's bandwidth limit for the day in the middle of my writting of this entry.


Craig's List

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Craig's List is a simple web page which lists alternative things / event to do in some major cities. Norfolk has a list, as does Atlanta, Miami, and it looks like Jacksonville's is coming soon. Check out all the cities here.


With the end of the other projects wrapping up we are moving onto the kitchen which should be a much easier project... no drywall involved, only some minor destruction, and cabinet and tile installation.

Here are some pictures from Mill's Pride website... the software is actually pretty damn good.

(click any image for a larger version)

Here are some pictures of the existing kitchen for reference:
Similar to view #2 above
Similar to view #3 above


In case any of you wanted to read the 9/11 Commision Report, here ya go.


So it is time for me to post some weight loss pictures. I am kinda scared to show the world my half naked body, but I think it is important for you guys to see how truly overweight I was. My body is by no means ready for Men's Health, but compared to the before pictures the change is quite drastic. Since January 1st, I have gone from 240 lbs to 183 lbs. My goal is 175ish, and yes, I am under a doctor's supervision. For me to be considered "ideal" according to the BMI, I need to weigh 179 or less, given that I am 5'11".

So, without further ado... from fat to skinny (not to be confused with "From Justin to Kelly")

Fat Ben Front Skinny Ben Front (click for larger pictures)

Fat Ben Side Skinny Ben Side (click for larger pictures)

Although it might not look like it... I am not "pushing out" or "sucking in" in any of these pictures... I was really that fat.

Sidenote... Sherry and I just went to the store and I had noticed that my jeans were getting a little big... so we went to American Eagle and I fit into some 34s! So naturally I had to buy them. I can also fit into all the suits that PaPa gave me, and just had my good suit resized, and I can fit into my father's tuxedo, which I havn't been able to fit into since freshman year in college (I wore it to my senior prom).


A New low for MREs

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How would you like to piss on your food before you eat it? Sounds good to me, but only as a last resort!


New company idea

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I think I should buy a computer big enough to act as a server, and start a company that creates and hosts websites for individuals. All they would have to do is call me up, tell me they want a website, describe what they want, and I could do all the domain name registration, routing, email address setup, and design the pages for a nice price. I just don't know what to charge to make it worth my while. I enjoy creating pages and showing people how easy it is to have your own webspace, and I have been doing it for peeps here and there over the years, why not just set it up so it is fast and easy, right. How much do you think is the appropriate cost for such a service? Leave a comment below to let me know.

The reason this recurring business idea is fresh is my brain is due to Heidi wanting a website for a new business she is thinking about starting. I put together a prototype site for her (hosting it on my free geocities account). I used Frontpage for the first time in my life to throw it together in about 1 hour. Check out the "Dig It Landscape" website and let me know what you think.

The only reason I am sharing this site with you guys is because I thought I made some pretty funny comments in news and services sections (I was getting bored making up example text).



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So I work at a software company, and I don't mean to sound like a geek-snob, but if you can't work the printer, you should be fired on the spot. It is not that complex, people.

My office is right next to the printer so I get to personally check the stupid people and I have no outlet to tell them... you stupid idiot... stop wasting paper and take your time if it is so damn complicated for you. This one dude literally has to print EVERYTHING 3 times before he gets it right, and it is usually around 30 pages a pop. Can't you read on your screen or email to someone else to read on their screen? You work at a company that protects email systems for goodness sakes. Use the half a brain you have to be more efficient. And stop cussing at the printer when it is only doing what you tell it to do. idiot (that was for the printer).



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Fun for the whole family... a Bush and Kerry sing-a-long.

PS I got this a while ago but the site was so slow.... this one is much faster.


New pictures

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I have posted pictures to my flickr account for your viewing pleasure. There are some new ones of our progress todate... and some older ones from a family dinner with Regina's cousins, Pearl and Charlotte.



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Holy shit.... I have never been so intensely scared for someone's life as I just spent the last hour. The best T.V. bar none is HBO's Six Feet Under. I have never seen anything like it. It is the only reason that I have yet to cancel HBO. I have been hooked now since season 1 and it is the first time in my life (besides star trek: next generation) in high school, that I have planned events around at show.

The acting is the superb, the story lines are amazing, and visual imagery is wonderful. It is show that perfectly captures so much of the human life... if you have never watched, go rent the season disks from Blockbuster, or better yet, buy them from Amazon.


Big ups

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I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Shawn and Mandy for helping us over the last few days.  Their priming expertise was very much appreciated! 


Optimus Prime

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Any of you remember him?  Here are some pictures of him (one transformed for Terran Surroundings, the 2nd as a semi):

Anywho... We have been priming the upstairs bedroom and Den over the last two days... reaching the home stretch of our renovation. I touched up last night and we will prime needed areas tonight and paint the ceiling.

Tomorrow we will paint the upstairs walls, and on Sunday we will paint the Den. Then hopefully on Monday, Kent will come back and knock out the trim work.

Then we will be done!!!


How Annoying...

By Beebe4

...are mothers and cell phones... you are not going to break it, and running out of battery isn't going to hurt anybody... JUST LEAVE THE DAMN THING ON.  The point of a cell phone is to use it, and allow people to reach you no matter where you are. 
Both my mother and Sherry's mother are cool enough to have cell phones, yet... neither one of them can EVER be reached by it.  What's the point?!!?
Sorry... just had to vent.



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Amzanig huh?



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I have some pictures that I need to post, but the renovation is going nicely. We have put up our first coat of mud everywhere... and the 2nd coat on most of the den. We should be ready to paint on Thursday and do the trim work on Friday and Saturday, at which point the rooms will basically be done. The carpet will still need to be installed, and furniture added. But the major work will be done.

Didn't do much for the 4th, Shawn, Regina, Sherry and I went over to Pearl's where Shawn and I mowed the yard. Shawn then took us on a 4th of July tour of all the poor sections of Hampton Roads. Since that wore us out, Sherry and I took a veg day and watched a couple of movies and fireworks from the comfort of our couch.

So underneath our house we have been housing some racoons. Apparently they had been playing with our duct work, and I decided to go under the house yesterday because one of our rooms was feeling unusually muggy and their was some water forming near the A/C unit. As Sherry correctly guessed, one of the vents had come loose and was causing our A/C unit to crank way harder then it needed to. Luckily it was a quick fix and the ductworks has been secured and the underneath of the house sealed up.