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I will be gone for the next 7 days. Write all about it when i get back... have fun without me.


So when I was in college I worked at a company that was trying to integrate your email, faxes and voicemails all in one place and provided interfaces via any of those 3 technologies (i.e. you could have your emails forwarded to a fax machine by calling up your toll free number and enter the fax number to forward the email to, and voicemails were saved off as audio files and sent to your email, etc...).

Although it was a pretty interesting job, I think my sister Mandy's summer job is pretty much the coolest thing I have heard of. She has a nack for finding this obscure, really cool jobs. She is spending the next few months out in Death Valley (can you say HOT!) working in the library at Scotty's Castle (which is not a Castle, and not Scotty's... but who's counting). While looking into the Castle, I found an archive of some old photos, which I thought were pretty cool. Here are the results of the search from the Online Archive of California for "Scotty's Castle".

I say that she has a nack because she also had lined up some sort of cataloging gig with a company that keeps track of vintage Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey posters, but that fell through.


Slap that ho

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See how fast you can move that mouse by trying to Slap that Ho.



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So this lad recently posted a comment to offer his congrats for the recent weight loss. His blog tracks his progress of lossing 50 kg. I wish him the best in his efforts, and will check in periodically to see the progress... he needs to post some pictures... actually so do I... I have some before and after of the fat reduction, but wanted to get svelte before posting.


Memory Lane

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In honor of our 2 year anniversary coming up (hence the vacation starting on Saturday) lets take a look back at our wedding page on The Knot. Let's also take a look at the place we stayed... since it was pretty nice and I often find myself wanting to go back there.

They have overhauled their website, so here is the new link to Las Brisis.


Cholesterol update

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I had a doctors appointment this morning. It went well. The doctor was impressed with the 42 lbs weight loss, and gave me these numbers from the blood work that had been done the previous Monday.
                           Before   After
Total Cholesterol   221       216
HDL (good)            39       46
LDL (bad)             162       149
LDL/HDL Ratio      4.3       3.3

All in all he was pretty impressed. He wants me to get down to 175 (ideal for my height) and get the LDL/HDL ratio down to 3.0, but 3.3 is pretty good, considering 3.6 is "average risk"


Mandy's Homepage

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I helped my sister Mandy develop a homepage for school tonight. I love helping people learn HTML ... once they get it they usually find it pretty cool.

I should add that I only helped with the page here... she did the main homepage all by herself.


So my company has decided to acquire a proven anti-spam company, named Brightmail. Here is a decent article about it from

Now this has a direct effect on the product I am currently working on, and when the office found out about it everyone got a little nervous. We are a good 3 months from knowing what will actually come down due to this action, but I will keep you posted. Most likely we will just have to integrate their anti-spam technology into our products... but we will see.


Do we really need a butt-kicking machine?


Seems they found a Rocket launcher near MARTA!!!


Praise God

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I'm sorry, but TV evangelists are just made for us to make fun of. (FYI... Ebaum's world is a great site... check it out)


Weight Loss update

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So I have lost 40 lbs now. Down to 194. I ran three miles on Saturday and lifted weights on Sunday so I am basically sore all over.


Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you.

Cut the grass today (well Sherry did, which makes me feel like less of a man, but I swear she really does like to do it, and thinks that I am stupid for feeling that way. She likes for me to edge and blow so we get the job down faster), stained and nailed down some 1/4 round onto the stairs to cover up the visible gaps in the stairs, and then helped clean up the house for our guests. Pearl, Shelley & Mike and kids, Shawn & Regina and Jack all came over for a mothers day fiesta. We had Margarittas that 66% of ended up on the floor, and fajitas that were pretty good, although I had mine over salad to reduce the carbs.

All in all a pretty busy day.


Here are some pics of Scott's wedding, credits go to gmol.

Sorry I haven't blogged much... been very busy... will try to get take some time soon and update you on the boring life of Beebe.