Got this in an email today... kinda funny:


Was reading this rather interesting article on this person that made some "art" for the office on a wall out of Post-its.



By Beebe4

We are going to see the Dave Mathews Band tonight! :) that makes me very happy.

We are going with Aimee and Mike. Shawn and Regina are going to be there too but in the snobby first row since their social butterflying has paid off and they met some rodie or something. Always having to one up us!


Lee and Andy are having their twins real soon. Lee's mother Mary came up to help out during the birth, since Andy is out to sea for work-ups (week long stints) with his Ship (he is in the Navy). Unfortunately, Mary broke her leg the other day while at the dog bark, when two crazies were chasing a ball and took out her legs while she wasn't looking. Needless to say, she isn't very mobile. So my mom has decided that she (and her BFF, Genie Ray) will come to take Mary back home.

The babies are scheduled to arrive this Friday (C section) so Mary will get to meet them before she leaves, Andy will be home, and my mom and Genie will get to meet them. Pretty amazing how this all works out.


New design

By Beebe4

As you can obviously see (unless you are receiving this via email) I have changed the look of the site. As a result I lost the comments, since I wanted to switch to the use the default comments that provides. I know I can turn them back on if there is a strong demand, but I would have to go in by hand and change ever post which would be a pain in the butt.

I do want to know if you guys like the new look, so take a second and vote:

Which site do you like better?
The old one
The new one
Neither, you can do better




By Beebe4

Sherry threw a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday! It was great fun, stayed up till 2 am and didn't even puke! Regina brought in way too much food from Guadalajara, but it was oh soo good.

Earlier in the day we had a party over at Pearl's house for the family, so I basically racked up in the present department. Then Shawn took me guitar shopping to pick out my big 30 year old present. I picked out the Epiphone Masterbilt DR500, and have been putting in some decent hours on it so far. Shopping for it was quite an intimidating experience, considering you are basically saying, I think I am good enough to need to move up from the beginner guitar to the midrange guitar. But Adam, the sales dude, was very cool about it.

Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes and presents.