Apparently we live accross the street from the Asst. City Manager. So I guess that means that we get stuff taken care of pretty quickly :) She told us that there had been some water damage to the house and it had to be fixed, but that it stunk like mildew for a while and that is why it was on the market for so long. It doesn't stink now, and we used Kilz 2 Latex last night to cover up the few stain marks on the ceailing that had been there.

I took pictures yesterday and will get them up soon. We got a quote from the hardwood floor guy for $2500 for the whole house (around 2300 sq ft which is like $1.10 a sq ft which is not too shabby.


I think I must of had one of these when I first got the new Harry Potter book, it was a monster (but I finished it in 5 days, and will do the same with the next one).



By Beebe4

In the dinning room we are going to put this rug.

And in the living room we are going to put this rug.


I own this...

By Beebe4

Sherry and I closed on the house on Tuesday!!! We went over their and immediatly ripped up the carpet. Since they had installed some over the hard wood floors that they had. We were pleased to see that all the floors were in good shape.

We bought the paint last night since Sears was having a half off sale on paint, and are buying the rugs when we buy the appliances since Home Depot is running a financing special where they offer no interest for a year.