Spent last night celebrating Regina's 30th birthday. We went to 32 Degrees for drinks, dinner and pool (billards, not swiming) followed by the James Taylor concert. Very different concert then Dave Matthews, very mellow. I actually laid down on the grass and almost feel asleep.

Very relaxing.


Go Hokies!

By Beebe4

To give you guys the type of city I work in... it seems that there are too many scary turkeys (isn't that a South Park episode?) in the area, so the city is offering to "take care of the problem" if you ask nice enough.

News Story


Poker Bot

By Beebe4

So there was a competition to see who could write the best poker software. I was looking at the pictures after reading the article and noticed that there is a dude in the background with a GT shirt on. Representing!


Floyd Fest is coming at the end of the month to the little town where we spent the weekend of my 30th birthday. They sell lots of nice hemp stuff in the town's booming stores, there great cause you can "put your weeeed in it."


Roomba Avatar??

By Beebe4

In an interview on news.com, iRobot co-founder Colin Angle (makers of the Roomba) said that they are looking into turning the automatic vaccuum cleaner into an avatar that you can control from a web page! Sounds pretty damn cool to me, but also very scary.

They are also coming out with Scooba, a self mopping robot.