Shawn, Regina, Jack, Sherry and I went to Charlottesville this weekend for a little history and football weekend. UVA was playing the power-house known as Akron for homecoming so we went to the game and got to see what college was like for Shawn-boy. I would like to say that those Beta boys sure are friendly! (story for a later day)

We did have a great time and luckily the hurrincane leftovers only dumped on us as we drove from Norfolk to Charlottesville. On Sunday we got up and made the short drive to Monticello to see Jefferson's house. Very interesting for the adults... Jack just slept the whole time... maybe because we had him covered up like a Micheal Jackson offspring.

I have posted some pictures on my flickr site for your enjoyment. (click on the link in the right column).

Here Sherry and I are hanging out in front of Monticello: