I have a problem with addition. Every once in a while i go on binges and drive my wife crazy. My father had trouble with alcohol, but I am addicted to video games. Every once in a while I will make the mistake of taking two minutes to load up a game just to check it out. I did so last weekend after reading an article on How to Get Rich Programming.

Damn you silly flash games. (WARNING... highly addictive... do not click this link.)

I have logged an insane amount of time playing this simple, stupid game. My wife is at wits end, and in complete befuddlement (is that a word?) as to how I can stay up to 3, 4, and 5am playing this game. I calmly tell her that there is no use fighting it, just let it run its course and it will pass. It will pass just like Civ III, Mini Putt 3, Lux and many others. She knows that it will, but still she hates going to bed with the same conversation every night:

I'm going to bed

Ok, I'll be there in a minute

we both know I am lying.