Sorry for not updating you guys, but the roller coaster was getting too much to handle.

We have decided on a house, and working on all the paperwork, but there is so much up in the air right now that I am a little too stressed to think properly on how to make this blog interesting :)

Basic details: much cheaper then the other houses we were looking at
Solid brick construction, built in the 50's, by a family acquaintance's father. I played tball with the current owner's son. It is the house that he (the father) grew up in. His father passed away late last year, so it is an inheritance.

The current owner remembers my father, and in fact was in the same fraternity at Georgia Tech, but a few years behind, and his youngest son is a freshman at Georgia Tech this year. He has been slow on selling the property due to a self proclaimed sentimental desire to have someone with "Ortega ties" being the next owner. I feel really good about this one. The house needs some updating but for the price we are getting it at, we will be able to redo the kitchen like we want and lighten up the den that is currently wood paneled. And has some plywood patches from previous window units.

It has hardwood floors through most of the house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a generous master bedroom and huge closet with custom storage units. There is also some handicap features that we will need to undo, but we expect to have all of it come in under our budgeted amount and drastically reducing our current mortgage if we can sell our Norfolk home for what we are hoping.

Although I don't have any good pictures of the front of the house, here are some pictures that my mom took when she previewed the house a few weeks ago:
Verona House

After reviewing those pictures, I will say that they do not do the house justice, and I am excited to have a house that Sherry and I can once again go in and make our own... but I think we will be staying in this one a bit longer.

It is a few blocks from my mom's house, which is a good thing... who'd a thunk I would want to live so close to my mom at age 30?!?!