We are looking at rental places to stay when my sister graduates in late April from FSU Library Science's department (with a masters!)

here is the list of places we are looking at... just figured you guys could use a break from work:

Wakulla Springs Lodge (could get a room that sleeps 4 from $79 to $99 a night, would need 2)

Sweet Magnolia Inn - They have a house but it only sleeps 4, they also have rooms so we could come up with a combo deal

A whole lise of rental homes here http://www.obrealty.com/rentals/index.php

the shore list is:
 Endless Summer
 Sand Castle
 Gulf Vista

In case you wanted to help with the search and email me good finds... we need to sleep 8, and are looking to stay the night of the 29th and 30th of April, and we need to be less then an hour from Tallahassee.