Here is a good answer to the question I have been asked a lot:

"So what are you going to be doing at your new job?"

DirtyBen13: contracting with NASA.
DirtyBen13: working on the document management syste for them
DirtyBen13: they need a pretty strict process
DirtyBen13: for making their selection on the next launch vehicle
DirtyBen13: (the next space shuttle)
DirtyBen13: so we are writting a custom framework (with a web interface) to help them with that
DirtyBen13: and the company also did some custom tool integration work
DirtyBen13: for them... to integrate all of their engineering / aerospace tools into the framework
DirtyBen13: and then the company has another division that handles the visualation of the data
DirtyBen13: so it is a good cross sectional of the company
DirtyBen13: sounds cooler then it is
DirtyBen13: mainly just a framework for covering their ass
DirtyBen13: when the losing concept companie's lawyers come after nasa saying that their selection process was flawed